Wednesday, April 8, 2015

TrollPhace w/ SQUNTO, Darko, 4LMNTZ & Andrew Garcia

TrollPhace w/ SQUNTO, Darko, 4LMNTZ & Andrew Garcia
 The Middle East Downstairs April 4th, 2015

Saturday night was a hot and heavy evening full of bass in your face, courtesy of Untame Nightlife. Headlining the show was dubstep giant TrollPhace with opening sets from talented local Boston area artists SQUNTO, Darko, 4LMNTZ & Andrew Garcia. Grimy, slimy and full of all sorts of wubs and wiggles, The Middle East Downstairs got rocked Saturday night.

Kicking off the beats for the evening was Danvers, MA native Andrew Garcia. A DJ on the rise with numerous shows under his belt this year already, Andrew Garcia is building his repertoire up.

4LMNTZ, started in 2008 is Justin Loranger’s hard electro project. Homegrown north of Boston in Wilmington, MA, 4LMNTZ’s death-core electro screamed through the venue. His artistic approach is heavily influenced by euro-house, and his musical presentation is the cross bread of heavy metal, devilish dubstep and dirty euro dance beats. 4LMNTZ is definitely a DJ to thrash ya wild hair to.

Chelmsford, MA beat maker Darko took the stage next. Being the lightest dub artist of the evening lineup, Darko refreshed the rowdy crowd with his booty shakin’ deep house beats. Smooth ridden melodies with tasty offbeat drops, Darko’s ability to play off the emotion of the crowd ensures a solid set delivery every damn time. With recent show openings for massive artists like drum and bass duo EOTO and deep house/trap group TORRO TORRO, Darko’s rise as a producer/DJ is constantly amplifying.

Setting everyone up for the much-anticipated set by TrollPhace, SQUNTO blasted his deep sound into the Middle East Downstairs. SQUNTO has grown out of Holliston, MA and has developed into a heavy hitting dupstep artist, with backing by dub top dogs Excision, Trampa and more. Shrilling, chilling and undeniably thrilling, SQUNTO’s behemoth of a set rattled the crowd silly. Catch SQUNTO opening for Downlink this Thursday April 8th at the Middle East Downstairs.

Headlining the evening of devilish delight was TrollPhace. Coming to the east coast all the way from sunny LA, TrollPhace gave the hyped crowd everything they were waiting for. Opening a mosh pit up front for the more daring of the evening, everyone let it all go loose for TrollPhace. With drops like that of Helicopter Showdown and slice n dice shredding of Excision’s heaviest, TrollPhace’s electrifying tracks captivated the demons of the evening. About to head off to Europe for his France tour, TrollPhace continues to spread his heat for the globe to enjoy.

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