Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Funky AB's - The Beat Hôtel

Happy Mid-February Beaners! In spite of the brutal weather puncturing my lungs with frigid air on a daily basis, my soul is warmed by the constant accessibility to sweet, sweet music across town. This past Monday evening, a dear friend and I ventured out to Harvard Square’s new jewel, The Beat Hôtel, for some dinner and jazz. Having heard raving reviews thus far about the new hot spot, I had to see for myself what the fuss was all about. This speak-easy inspired restaurant not only has a tastefully crafted menu (try the fried buffalo cauliflower!), but is also the new center of live music seven nights a week.
            With a super groovy vibe, including an orange neon peace sign lit up right behind the bar and vibrant psychedelic paintings covering the walls, this restaurant/club time-travels oneself right into the 70’s. The band for the evening was The Funky AB’s, a four-piece jazz/funk group. Composed of tight and splashy drums, groove driven bass, contemporary yet classic keys, and smooth guitar lines, The Funky AB’s were the perfect accompaniment for the evening. To my gentle surprise, I realized the band of the evening was Wally’s Café’s Tuesday night house band, who I've enjoyed seeing many a time. Refreshing yet funky, the band entertained the nearly full house on this past Monday evening.
            My first experience overall at The Beat Hôtel was pleasurable in every sense. Service was on polite and on point, food was delicious, and the drink list is a fun venture (any spot with dozens of wines on TAP is inevitable to win my heart). Spacious yet cozy, the ornate and funky fresh decorations give the spot a comfortable and sensuous vibe. In short, get hip with The Beat Hôtel. It’s the perfect spot for a spicy dinner date, or for a night out with some good friends. I look forward to my future travels to The Beat Hotel, and recommend it to all!