Thursday, October 17, 2013

Funkin' Wednesday

I’ve been in a serious funk lately, catching funk show after show and loving every minute of it. Last night I continued my fall funkin' and went over to the Middle East upstairs to bust a few moves to some tasty acts. Show was sold out and the crowd was locked in through all three sets. Opening was the funk rock group Mother Ton, followed by Boston’s very own Light Bright, and closing down the house was the funk guru’s of Orgone. A kind thanks to LT Live for putting together a stacked line up that was bursting at the brim with talent.

            With no previous knowledge of who Mother Ton is, I went in with no expectations of what I would hear. Rockin’ drums, bass, two electric guitars, trumpet, percussion and vocals, the six-piece group won me over. Consisting of evident funk influences, gentle traces of reggae, and a solid rock core, Mother Ton kept it upbeat and fresh. The vocalist tastefully demonstrated his wide vocal range throughout their set, reminding me of classic rock heavyweight Robert Plant. Percussion added a tribal and uplifting sensation to the group. Overall, Mother Ton set into their groove and stayed there. Absolutely a solid funk rock group to check out, they’ll dance your wooly socks off.

(Mother Ton)

            Now here’s what I love so much about Light Bright, every time I see them they consistently improve and heighten themselves to new levels. This Boston local group is constantly developing and molding their unique sound. With eccentric focal points including the beautiful and eerie cushion of the vibes, delicately arranged three part vocal harmonies, and powerful wall of groove that never fades, Light Bright is a being of their own. Last night they shined yet again at the Middle East, presenting the crowd with favorites like Bo Baggins and Miss Madison. If you haven’t yet, see Light Bright. Playing frequently across Boston, they are certainly a band to check out live and keep an ear out for.

(Light Bright)

            Shutting down the house last night was well known funk group, Orgone. Super tight and super clean, Orgone jumped right into the pocked and chilled. Composing of drums, bass, keys, guitar, percussion, trombone and trumpet, Orgone covers all facets of a quality funk group. Keeping it interesting and fun, the group brought soul vocalist Tiffany Austin on stage and took over. Seasoned with sass, Tiffany added to Orgone’s already killen’ set. A classic group to get down to, Orgone produced a solid and enjoyable set.


What can I say; a cool fall Wednesday night spent two steppin’ to some colorful and talented musicians, who could ask for more?

Be sure to check out these cats:
Mother Ton:
Light Bright:


Keep it funkin' Boston