Sunday, November 17, 2013

I/Ø || Ripe || Light Bright

Thursday night at the Middle East Upstairs was jam packed with some of Boston’s best upcoming talent. Big shout out to LT Live for putting together the show, bands I/Ø, Ripe and Light Bright joined forces and put on a hell of a show. Show was sold out and the house was packed ready to rage.

 Opener was progressive rock group I/Ø. Performing with drums, percussion, bass and two guitarists; 
I/Ø delivered a powerful instrumental set. With frequent meter changes, noise based builds, and ethereal guitar harmonies, I/Ø possessed all the vital qualities of a progressive rock band. Structured yet tastefully emotional, this group provokes a blood pumping beat. I look forward to seeing what music 
I/Ø continues to create.


Next on stage were the dance party aficionados of Ripe. A jam band based feel-good group, Ripe pumped up the house. Opening like fire with a cover of Survivor classic “Eye of the Tiger”, Ripe delivered a high-energy performance. Composed of; drums, bass, two guitars, vocals, trumpet and trombone, Ripe helps you two step the night away. Ending the set with Lion King anthem “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”, Ripe undoubtedly won the crowds approval for an enjoyable set.


Closing out the night was experimental rock/hip hop group, Light Bright. Performing their debut EP from front to back in anticipation of its release this week, Light Bright released their unique grooves upon the crowd. Performing band classics like the darkly sexy track Miss Madison and ska inspired tune Bo Baggins, Light Bright, once again, displayed the wide variety of songs in their collection. Possessing a minor twang and the angst of a troubled soul, Light Bright brings out the inner punk in everyone. Be sure to check out their debut EP dropping this week!

(Light Bright)

Get familiar:

Keep it fly Boston 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

NuMind Collective Album Release

Wobble Wednesday's at Wonderbar always hold something special in store. Last night it just so happened to be the debut album release party for NuMind Collective. NuMind present's more than just a show to the listener, they bring forth the entire practice of the unity of music and the path of enlightenment that music takes us on. Known as a collective versus a simple "band", the idea of selflessness and the importance of intellectual growth as a unit are the fundamental grounds that NuMind was established on. Taking the listener on a journey with them, NuMind Collective is an overall experience illuminating the beauty within the world of music.

NuMind is the fusion of trance electronic beats, beautiful vocal harmonies, intellectually composed rap breaks, and the raw emotion that resides within the deepest layers of the soul. Performing with; drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keys, violin, cello, and four vocalists, NuMind's delicately orchestrated performance is sure to awe onlookers. A stunning performance and wonderful movement to be a part of, I recommend an encounter with the NuMind Collective for all.

(NuMind Collective)

Tune in to the NuMind in you and become a part of the movement.

Keep it fly Boston ✌

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Church: The Mantras & Alan Evans Trio

Last night, I dragged my freezing self down to Church Boston to get some rhythm in my veins. My motivation to go out in the cold was Mr. Alan Evans himself. Having attempted seeing his trio earlier this summer with Soul Rebels at the Paradise, I only caught the last song of his set and was not satisfied with one tune. Out to redeem myself and finally see his trio, I made it a point to go to Church last night. Bands on the bill were The Mantras and Alan Evans Trio, and honestly, two was indeed all the company I needed.

THE MANTRAS. Where have you been all my life?  The six-piece progressive rock group absolutely threw down. Utilizing the beauty of: drums, percussion, bass, guitar, organ and vocals, The Mantras delivered their tasty message crystal clear. Holding on to a deep funk backbeat, The Mantras drizzled their melting pot of influences into their set. Their sound is a bold blend of funk, jam, metal, and a hint of country twang. I hope I get the fortune to see The Mantras at a festival in the near future. I can see them playing along side fest masters like Umphrey’s McGee, The Disco Biscuits and Phish. In short, The Mantras were a wonderful surprise to my Tuesday evening and I highly recommend them to any music lover who kills for a good dance beat.

(The Mantras)

Up next was the prize of my night, Alan Evans Trio. A strong standing organ trio with undoubtedly talented musicians, Alan Evans Trio possesses a beautiful thing. With hard funk as their stepping-stones and raw soul and R&B to guide you along the way, AET cooks up a steaming cauldron of groove. I was overjoyed (to say the least) when AET dropped Sly Stone’s classic tune “If You Want Me To Stay” into their set. Constantly admiring all three musicians the entire night, I was glowing ear to ear their entire performance. One of my all time favorite organ trios, I seriously recommend them to anyone who can live off of dat PHUNK.
(Alan Evans Trio)

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