Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Treehouse Live w/ DJ Set From Darko

Treehouse Live w/ DJ set from Darko || Lilypad April 3rd 2015

This past Friday, April 3rd, Boston’s homebred wizards of Treehouse Live took over the small, living room inspired venue The Lilypad located in Inman Square, Cambridge. Treehouse Live took the stage with their first set from 10-11, intermission with a DJ set by bass beast Darko, and T.H. closed the evening with their final set 12-1. With a venue capacity of approximately 75 people, the night was guaranteed to be an intimate one filled with great music and great company.

Producer/DJ Darko was the intermission entertainment of the evening, rounding out the jam/funk feel with some down tempo bass music. His well-crafted sounds elevate his music to another level. With his home-cooked beats Darko raises the bar and challenges DJ’s who simply push buttons. Frequently playing across Boston, Darko is a force to be reckoned with and a must to catch spinning on deck.

Treehouse Live is a gentle blend of Alex Moran on keys/synth, Dalton Markrush holdin’ it down on bass, Hamilton Kibbe on guitar and Ryan Slobin on drums. With evident influences from jam band greats Lotus, Dopapod and Phish, Treehouse Live’s sound is a tasty treat with a funky beat. They truly are a funk-tronica mix. What I loved most about the group is their charisma playing together. Nothing makes a band more impressive than their ability to play WITH each other, not just next to each other. Their individual skillsets compliment each other while creating a well-balanced and tasteful blanket of sounds. With a bright future ahead of them, I wish Treehouse Live all the best and cannot wait until their next show!
Treehouse Live

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