Monday, August 5, 2013


Where: Darryl's Corner Bar
Rating: 7

This past Friday, I strolled down to Darryl's Corner Bar to see what it was all about. After stepping in the front door I realized it was a good thing I threw on some heels that night because the club isn't for any joe shmo, there's a delicate air of class within the club. After I walked in, I immediately noticed one of my friends playing in the band for the evening. Name of the group: UniqueVisionzCollective, and I'm happy to say they laid it down. With a tight drummer, colorful bass lines, tasty guitar tones and a smooth sax that could serenade you all night long, the group was perfect for the atmosphere. UniqueVisionzCollective have a strong jazz fusion feel with some pleasantly noticeable soul and funk influences.

For my first trip to Darryl's, I truly enjoyed the night out. The vibe is intimate enough for a date night, but at the same time comfortable enough just to go with a good friend (as I did) and enjoy some live music and tasty drinks. Absolutely will be going back for some more live music soon.

Stay fly my friends 

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