Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Red Cave Fest

Where: Allston Basement
Rating: 5

It had been a while since I'd dropped by and checked out the Allston underground scene, and this past Saturday night I had the opportunity to check out a few bands at the Red Cave Fest. Having been to shows in this particular basement a fair few times, I was intrigued to what artists I was going to see. Artists on the bill were: Liv Gibson, Jordan Okrend, WAM, ODDnary and headliner, People The Kangaroo. Unfamiliar with any of these artists, I was expecting an overall similarity of genre's between performers, but there was none. The artists ranged drastically from acoustic singer songwriter, to heavy indie rock, to straight trapt/house DJ's. Most certainly one of the more jumbled and unflattering line ups I'd seen come through the Allston underground scene. Artists are meant to compliment each other throughout the entire show, am I wrong?

When I arrived to the venue the artist setting up was miss Liv Gibson. Sweet as pie, she certainly held her own, performing an array of originals. What let me down was how short her set was, but then again  in Allston basements, anything is probable to happen. What threw me off though was that she was opening for big name band - People The Kangaroo. Good artists all around, but not so good of a line up! Regardless, People The Kangaroo came on and show'd what they had to say. Full of angst and power they laid down an extremely solid set that drew the crowd in and got bodies groovin'. The lead vocalist won me over the most, his love and excitement for the music spreading so far I felt his emotion just from watching. This band certainly saved the night in my opinion. After People the Kangaroo performed, the basement quickly turned into dance floor, with DJ ODDnary spinning. Kudos to you lady, you have some beats and I enjoyed the set. Filled with catchy trapt and classic house beats, she did work. But back to my original concern... who put together this line up!!

Overall, certainly wasn't one of my more favorable shows in Allston. The artists held their own and showed their swag, but the clash of the genre's made it hard to stay drawn in. I know it won't be my last Allston basement show, but it does concern me for the effort and thought put into the shows. Make a killer line up and blow everyone outta the water Allston, I know it's in you!!!

Stay fly my friends 

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