Thursday, November 14, 2013

NuMind Collective Album Release

Wobble Wednesday's at Wonderbar always hold something special in store. Last night it just so happened to be the debut album release party for NuMind Collective. NuMind present's more than just a show to the listener, they bring forth the entire practice of the unity of music and the path of enlightenment that music takes us on. Known as a collective versus a simple "band", the idea of selflessness and the importance of intellectual growth as a unit are the fundamental grounds that NuMind was established on. Taking the listener on a journey with them, NuMind Collective is an overall experience illuminating the beauty within the world of music.

NuMind is the fusion of trance electronic beats, beautiful vocal harmonies, intellectually composed rap breaks, and the raw emotion that resides within the deepest layers of the soul. Performing with; drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keys, violin, cello, and four vocalists, NuMind's delicately orchestrated performance is sure to awe onlookers. A stunning performance and wonderful movement to be a part of, I recommend an encounter with the NuMind Collective for all.

(NuMind Collective)

Tune in to the NuMind in you and become a part of the movement.

Keep it fly Boston ✌

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